Aashiqui 2 – Music Review

Tum Hi Ho – 4.5/5
Sun Raha Hai – 3.5/5
Chahun Main Ya Naa – 3/5
Hum Mar Jaayenge – 2.5/5
Meri Aashiqui – 4/5
Piya Aaye Na – 2.5/5
Bhula Dena – 4/5
Aasan Nahi Yahaan – 3.5/5
Milne Hai Mujhse Aayi – 3.5/5

Summary – First of all, don’t compare this album with the original Aashiqui because there will never be an Aashiqui ever again! This is different and is good in its own regard. Tum Hi Ho is rock solid and packs a punch. Its an amazing number, neatly composed and aptly sung. This man Arijit sings in so many tones that I still haven’t been able to find out which is his original voice! Talented singer nonetheless I tell you. Sun Raha Hai is good but lacks throw in certain parts. Chahun Main Ya Naa is a conversation type song. A decent number. Piya Aaye Na is an average K.K. fair. Expected more. Was left disappointed. Bhula Dena brings the best out of Mustafa Zahid. A nice sad song. Aasan Nahi Hai describes the hardships of an aashiq! Quite a catchy number and checkout Arijit here again. He sounds totally different. By the time you hear Milne Hai Mujhse Aayi you are already overdosed with the word Aashiqui and this song is again full of it and that probably works against this rather nice tune. The Love Theme is a good instrumental to sign off with.

Album Rating – 3.5


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